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Riyadh 5th Store (Khurais) Opening


  • As part of its extensive expansion strategy to open 22 stores by 2011 and following its 2nd Store Opening in Jeddah

Riyadh – April 2010 – eXtra recently opened its 5th store in Riyadh bringing the total number of eXtra stores to 14 and the 5th store in Riyadh. All of this is part of United Electronics Company’s ambitious expansion strategy for the eXtra brand in the Kingdom. This comes about as a response to the increasing customer demand for electronics products in the Kingdom in general and Riyadh in particular where the total electronics market exceeds SR 5 billion representing 23.8% of the total electronics and home appliances in Saudi Arabia.

United Electronics Company Chairman Mr. Abdullah Abdulatif Al Fozan, expressed his delight following the opening of the new Riyadh store making the total number of stores in the Kingdom 14. Al Fozan explained that the Company has ambitious plans to expand into most of the key cities in the Kingdom indicating at the same time eXtra’s role in developing the community and creating new job opportunities for the Saudi youth. Al Fozan explained that expanding the eXtra brand in the Kingdom will create bigger responsibilities for the Company such as development resources, skills and talent, creativity and innovation. A clear example of this commitment is Tajze’a (Retail Program) a collaborative effort between eXtra and TVTC to train Saudi nationals and provide them with the necessary certification in the field of retail. Candidates also receive on the job training opportunities at eXtra after graduation. More than 300 candidates have benefited from the program since its inception in 1997.

United Electronics Company CEO, Mr. Mohammed Galal explained: “The new Riyadh branch is part of the Company’s key strategy focusing on servicing customers. This also came about after extensive and in-depth studies that aim at finding out more about the shoppers’ needs and by following the flow of traffic inside our stores while benchmarking it with other stores in the world. On that basis, we created a modern design that ensures comfortable shopping, easy movement around the store, and an easy way to find products around the store.”

The new store has more than 5,000 sqm of retail space and more than 10,000 products under its roof with clear display and signage of all products and accessories for the various brands. The store uses a series of communications channels to assist the shopper before making his decision and the ability to interact with the various devices and equipment in the store such as mobile phones and cameras. This represents a novel shopping approach using interactive displays that enable customers to touch and feel the store allowing the customer to take a closer look prior to purchasing. eXtra was the first company to adopt this modern approach and after proving its success other companies began to follow suit.

Mohammed Galal added, “eXtra’s recent recognition as Saudi Arabia’s leading company in the retail sector would not have been possible if key elements were not in place such as the clear vision, deep understanding of the Saudi families needs and requirements, and the Company’s dynamic team made up of skilled and experienced personnel who are dedicated and determined to lead.”

eXtra’s increasing popularity today is attributed to this ambitious expansion strategy to cover most of the local markets. The Company aims at opening new stores in Makkah and Yanbu in addition to another store in Dammam within the next six months. By doing so and by adopting this strategy, the Company was quite successful to provide multiple sales outlets across the Kingdom making shopping for electronics and home appliances much easier and more enjoyable. This also contributes to reinforcing the presence and brand reputation as a leader in specialized retail in the Kingdom. In 2009 eXtra registered more than 7.5 million shoppers.

eXtra adopts, in its “Towards Leadership” strategy a customer focused approach where the Company implemented a series of projects that serve and reinforce customer relationships supported by a meticulous mechanism to fulfill this strategy helping it to reach as many customers as possible across the Kingdom. An example of this strategy is the “Get Connected” services which is unique service allowing customers to find all their needs to connect with the outside world under one roof. The Company linked up with various service providers including audio, visual, web including Zain, Etihad Atheeb (GO), Orbit Showtime, Jazeera, and ART in one place saving the customer both time and money.

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